Sunday, January 23, 2011

Zen or Frou-frou?

Another month passes by and I've not documented. Not because I haven't been working. It's true that I don't have a lot of completed projects to show yet though. But I did kind of finish one thing last night—after going charcoal gray on my website for a year, I decided that I really liked the white background better, so I made the switch. (With some small amount of guilt, since the dark charcoal background consumes less energy...but really, how many people are looking at my website anyhow?)

While I was at it, I also investigated various javascript lightbox libraries and used one for the 4 Painting pages on my website. The Prints and Artist's Books pages still use popup windows, since they have a lot more information associated with them and some with multiple images and buy options. I'm still deciding if I can switch them over to the lightboxes and how to include all the necessary information.

Also while I was at it, I added some new images, and got a lot less wordy. I can never decided if I'm zen or frou-frou, that goes for the house and the website. But I'm probably something in between...boring, mainstream, or the Confucian way?

It's not a coincidence that I mention 'house' and 'website' in the same sentence, as I've also been working with an architect on getting some much needed work done. Case in point, someone who came to the paper sale yesterday told me that we REALLY needed to do something about the deck! And so we are.

I'm painting; just don't have a finished painting to show yet. It's gone from "love" to "disaster" and now I'm back up to "like."

I'm working on someone's website. Hopefully that will be done soon.

I'm also working on a proposal for a residency to create an outdoor installation.

So plenty going on, but not much to show yet.