Sunday, March 17, 2013

"The Pie Book"

The Phlebotomy of a Pie

Unique artist's book with clamshell box, handmade paper (Nepal Lightweight, Chinese Mulberry paper), gouache, acrylic, ink, medical supplies, binders board, bookcloth

And I completed this book without indulging in a single slice of pie. Not that I didn't want to. Here's the outside of the box, where the pie has obviously overflowed.

And a few interior shots. You can also see lots of mid-process shots in this album on my Facebook page

This page below has generated the most interest as I posted progress shots. On the left are rose thorns that I have collected and painted. They're attached to the page pointy sides up. On the right are "blooms" made with thread. The locations of the blooms match the rose thorns. The blooms have both a symbolic purpose and a practical one — they're where the thorns have pricked through the skin and blood is flowing, but they also protect the thorns and prevent the thorns from poking through the next page.

As always, this took about two & half weeks longer than I anticipated. There were also lots of problems with old batch of methylcellulose, which was resolved by buying a new batch. I make boxes so infrequently that it's always a struggle when I do it. And this one was particularly difficult in that it's so large. The sheets of bookcloth was more difficult to control and place. But I'm reasonably happy with how the box came out. I think I could be a good box maker, if I made them more frequently.