Thursday, September 24, 2009

For those of you who don't facebook—I figure this means that the gods think I'm flossing and brushing right. And for Shu-mei, who can't believe that I noticed this—I just spat out my toothpaste, I had my face in the sink, I was staring right at it, how could I NOT notice?

Unfortunately, the last couple of days have not been productive in the studio. For some reason, I had bouts of stomachaches all day yesterday. On and off, and through the night. Thank heavens it didn't continue today. And today was mostly a Portland Open Studios day. Shipping out tour guides, picking up tour guides, incremental updates on the website. I still haven't finished Kate's profile.

Tonight was the China Council's annual membership meeting/dinner, so that took up almost 5 hours! For a meal! Well, ok, there was a talk too, and this year, by the Portland Art Museum director, about the new exhibit China Design Now. I'm sure it was an interesting talk, but unfortunately, I did not have a very good seat—the last table, close to the rest of the restaurant which had diners not involved with the event, and the other Chinese patrons at my table kept on talking to me through the talk. Yes, this is always a problem—while the speaker is talking up there, half the Chinese people in the audience are having their own conversations. I can't exactly just ignore them when they say something to me, and if I respond, it just keeps the conversation going. What do you do?!


Dr. Russ said...

I hope that you feeling better. It sucks to be sick when you have other business to do. When I am not feeling well--I just want to stay home and do nothing.

BWT, thanks for the smiley face. what a good way to start the day.

margaret said...

Huh, we never have that problem at China Council events because they always put us with people who don't want to talk to us (or maybe we smell or something). I'm sorry I missed the meeting, mostly because I'm looking forward to the China Design Now exhibit, but doubt I could do 5 hours. Yikes. That's like those epic board meetings.

Michael5000 said...

I'm with Shu-mei. It took me half a minute to figure out why you were showing us a picture of your drain.

Cute guy though, once you find him.