Friday, October 30, 2009

Dorkfest '09

Goodness gracious, looks like there's scant competition for it this year, so it looks to be my chance!

My qualifications:

1. If I win this year, I shall use up the remaining Starbucks card! No socially-well-adjusted buying 1 cup of coffee and leaving the rest of the card for Dork '10! No Siree! Previous Dorks who did such things were ninnies.

2. After entertaining art lovers for 7 hours a day during Portland Open Studios, I relaxed in the evening by reading my O'Reilley Web Design in a Nutshell book, updating my CSS knowledge.

3. I've probably been on the net for longer than most of M5K's readers have been around on this planet. If they were on Mars prior to coming to Earth, that doesn't count.

4. This is Friday night, and I'm listing my dorkitudes for millions to read on the web...need I say more?

5. All my previous entries still stand...

OK, got to submit this before the last minute deadline rush!

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