Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Internet friend search intrigue?

Completely unrelated to art—

As always, at Christmas time, my mom gets to reminiscing and asks me about my friends from high school and college. And as always, this gets me started looking for people between Christmas and New Year.

I have a couple of friends (sisters) who have been very difficult to find, but this year, I seemed to have found the tracks of the younger sister on We'll call her 'Lily Doe.' And according to, she's now married to 'Joseph D. Smith.' (Not their real names, of course.)

Then I proceeded to find 'Lily Smith' on—the right college, a very reasonable location and probable career...terrific! I contacted her via linkedin. Then I never heard back.

So I figured, well, wrong person despite the good match, or she wasn't interested in renewing my acquaintance. That was that.

Today, I went to update the profile photo for my facebook fan page (yes, there is one...), and boom, I have a new fan, and it's one 'Joseph D. Smith,' middle initials and all!


I have written 'Joseph D. Smith,' hoping to maybe fill in some of the blanks. We'll see what I hear back.

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