Monday, July 19, 2010


Rocks & Wings, gouache on paper mounted on board. Yet to be sprayed w/ the GAC 500.

This one has had a long wait. Here's how it started, as a pour, on Feb, 19 this year:

Then I started working on it again on July 11:

Then over the last few days, it went through several phases, including one in which a mosquito made an appearance. But I quickly swatted it out. The rocks went from pink:

To blue:

To spotted & lined:

And finally to marbled and it stuck:


helen said...

my gouache paintings will never look like this - I give up!

fingerstothebone said...

Hi Helen,

Thank you for always being so generous with your comments! But of course you know that your paintings will never look like mine (or anyone else's, for that matter) and vise versa, and THAT's a GOOD thing!

margaret said...

geez, I go away for a few weeks and look at all that has happened! How am I gonna read all this?!

Bridget B. said...

These maple seed paintings are wonderful - I especially love Wet Spring!

And you have chickens! Is it a PDX OS Board requirement now?

fingerstothebone said...

Bridget -- alas, the chickens are not mine. They just spend all their time here, but they're not mine.