Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Great Bike Project of 2010 commences

Having said to many people that I would unpack Shu-mei's old bike after Andrew moved his press out of the garage (which actually happened on July 9th), and then failed to do so because the spot immediately filled up with cement and bricks for the Great Cement Project of 2010, I now feel absolutely compelled to unpack the bike immediately before the spot fills up with something else.

So first, I had to actually dig out the box, which had been hiding behind boxes of old books and gardening tools:

And here, according to the label on the box, it contained a "blue vehicle."

The Good Prince is examining the thang with a great deal more interest than he usually shows towards most of my other projects:

Various parts:

And voila! A Blue Vehicle:

It's probably about 30 years old. Three gears. A Summit Catalina 24...??? Couldn't find any information on it.

And I'm happy to report that turquoise is very much back in fashion this year.


helen said...

You can't go wrong with turquoise!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it still looks this good! I mean doesn't look like it rusted or something. You back pedal a tiny bit when you want to break, I kinda miss that feature.


fingerstothebone said...

Helen -- yes, I think I'll look tre chic pedaling around town in a vintage bike painted turquoise!

Shu-mei -- funny you should mention back pedaling. Mike was just saying how that's what you'd need to do to break w/ this bike, and he commented that maybe you didn't know that, and maybe that was why you were always crashing! I guess you showed him wrong! !! !!!

gl. said...

SUCH a pretty bike! and i love coaster brakes. don't forget lights! and a back rack or a basket!

fingerstothebone said...

I'll have to take it to the bike shop; I'm sure they'll fix me right up!

Anonymous said...

Bravo, she's finally coming out of the box, and such a beauty! Will you be ready to ride Sunday Parkways this weekend in SE?


fingerstothebone said...

This Sunday Parkways thing must be a big deal -- so many people have asked about it. I'll actually be in Seattle this weekend though. The bike's also going to need a lot of fixing up, and I probably won't even be able to get it to the shop until next week.

Michael5000 said...

Also awesome, possum.