Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thumbtacks...a lot of them!

I have no idea where this came from, but for a couple of weeks, I kept on seeing drawings and paintings of thumbtacks in my head. I tried to ignore them, but I kept on seeing them. I hope I'm not developing something weird. But anyhow, I finally decided that I should just do a drawing of thumbtacks:

Took me over 10 hours to fill up this sheet of 26"x40" Rives Lightweight with little drawings of thumbtacks; they're roughly life sized, although I would not say precise — some of them look just like the letter T, and some look like those tags you find on cloths. The color variations and color shapes are random. I mixed 3 colors: silver with red, silver with turquoise, and then charcoal gray, and just started putting down thumbtacks on paper. Now I suppose I'll have to count to see how many thumbtacks there are.


anoop k m said...

wonderfull.....attracting towards it

gl. said...

oh my gosh! i thought you wrote drawing -with- thumbtacks, not drawing -of- thumbtacks. that's a whole 'nother level!

msmariah said...

This is a neat art project. Very unique.