Sunday, July 24, 2011

More Relay Replay progress report

Definitely in book mode now. I actually finished all the etchings for this book back in March, and then didn't make much progress other than trimming papers. But I've been working on it in earnest now for the last couple of weeks and here are some process photos. There are 5 etchings all together (solarplate etchings) on each of the 5 sets of handmade paper made with soils and waters collected from various places (see this link for more on the papers and also some mockup pictures).

The main text block will be Nepal Heavyweight (handmade in Nepal), and the papers made by Helen Hiebert will be laminated to that. Each page is a trifold. On this photo you can see one etching (brown paper in the back) is already laminated to its trifold (already partially folded), and in the front a 2nd etching that I'm in the process of attaching to the Nepal Heavyweight.

This photo shows another etching with a topographical map gocco printed on one of the sections.

On the drying rack --

A peek into the trifold. Different images/text will be gocco printed on each of the sections.

Another page with 1 section printed.


Michael5000 said...

Ooh, mappage....

fingerstothebone said...

+ sausage, which is on the page facing away from you so you can't read it.

gl. said...


fingerstothebone said...

On the facing page is a paragraph about all the things they grew on their farm and all the food they made. So yes, sausage, opposite of mappage.