Sunday, June 21, 2009

A relative of the bowerbird discovered in N. America?

It would appear that the bowerbird may have a relative in N. America.

See here, an attractive structure built from branches and twigs and decorated with rocks:

Judging from the size of the bower and the diameter of some of the branches and twigs used (not to mention the size of those rocks), this would be a very large bowerbird, perhaps with a wingspan of over 5 and half feet and weighing as much as 120lb.

I feel very special that this bowerbird has decided to build a bower right HERE in my yard!

In other parts of the garden

Yeah, those weeds are all over, but I thought it made a nice hairdo for the guy:

And the orange daylilies go nicely with the blue Atlas Cedar:


gl. said...

tee hee! i like bowerbirds and their bowers!

Michael5000 said...

Always some mysterious doings happening over at your castle...