Saturday, June 20, 2009

Website, website, and more website

I've actually been busy working on a couple of websites, mocking up a website update for myself, and also reading a CSS book (although so far, 30 pages in, I'm not overly impressed with it). My website skills are pretty rudimentary—although it's not bad for being self-taught by reading an O'Reilly html reference book—so I've been wanting to learn more CSS and try more javascript.

Not officially launched yet, here's the GBW's Marking Time exhibit online catalog. Because Stanford decided to shut down their online support for Conservation OnLine, where the GBW web pages were being hosted, the online catalog's launch is delayed until GBW moves to a new host. Hopefully, that will be coming up pretty soon now.

And, again, not officially launched, the 2009 Portland Open Studios website, complete with a javascript slideshow. Not quite as elegant as a Flash slideshow perhaps, but I don't have Flash.

Today was also a big garden day. I've started to clean up around the perimeter of the house (see Ant!), which not only involves trimming & pruning plants, but also means removing all the tree branches and trunks that I've been saving for a variety of vague and undefined garden projects. I ended up using the trunks and branches to build and define a path. Maybe picture tomorrow.

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gl. said...

i mush prefer javascript to flash, anyway. :P