Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Drawn and quartered

Hahaha! Well, that's a low hanging fruit as far as puns go. So I lied yesterday about leaving the Monkey King for a while. I went back and fussed with it again today, and realized that having the entire story presented all at once in a painting really just isn't working. There is a punch line, after all (see previous entries for the story). And, I don't care for the composition as it is. I got out my cropping L's, and found that I liked it better as 4 smaller images. I think I will put them into a book format to control the flow of the narrative. The piece isn't really cut up yet, I've just roughly cut it up in Photoshop, so they're not identical in size. I haven't figured out what book format yet, but roughly, here's the narrative:

Larger Than Life -- a glimpse of a figure.

The Monkey King -- meet the character in the story.

The King's New Shoes -- here I like that the Nike shoe stands out better in a smaller format. It disappeared in the larger painting.

The Wager -- this needs reworking. I'll do that once I actually cut up the piece, probably tomorrow.

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