Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How neglected is my garden?

Let me count the ways.

I finally pulled up the Lawrence of Arabia rose (dead for 2 years...I was still mourning its deep brick red blooms I guess) and planted this daphne in the location thus vacated. This poor daphne has been sitting in a pot for 6 years. I know this because I bought it from Heronswood Nursery 2 years before Burpee closed the nursery & garden, and that was in 2006! Which would mean I've had the plant since 2004 and it's now just getting planted.

In another part of yard so long covered in weeds, dead and alive, I discovered a dinosaur had laid some eggs! Now, that's what you would call long-neglected. Looks like one has just hatched and is ready to go.

And I was blessed with a visit from the Three Graces themselves:

And here's a fairly respectable part of the garden...what a coincidence, it's the part visible as you walk up to the front door. And look! Looks like someone has mown the lawn...


helen said...

Wonderful stories and great pictures! the chickens are yours??

fingerstothebone said...

No, they're visiting chickens...they live across the street, kitty corner from us. They come over to visit almost daily.

Anonymous said...

No wonder they come over daily. I bet there are all kinds of food available in your yard, much much better than their well taken cared yard! Are those yellow roses? Nice blooms.


PS. My litte balcony garden looked pitifully small.

fingerstothebone said...

Yes, I'm afraid that they're finding plenty of slugs and bugs and seeds to eat in my yard. The yellow rose is really more of a peachy apricot color, and is one of my favorites in the yard. Very easy care and beautiful, plentiful blooms.

gl. said...

i love that you call the chickens the three graces. they sound adorable. i hope you get a few eggs in exchange!

also, i've given up on my garden this year. just cleared enough of a path to get to the raspberries & blueberries.

fingerstothebone said...

Yes, if I had chickens, I'd name them Grace, Grace & Grace.

Cleared a path to your berries...now we know where your priorities are! I'm still removing grass, making plans for more concrete!