Wednesday, June 09, 2010

A mama to be! We hope...

OK, sorry, that was slightly misleading. We're not talking about me here, we're talking about this here:

Do you see her? Her head is poking out between the two grape leaves on the upper right corner.

I noticed the nest a few days ago but didn't actually see a bird until yesterday. I'm pretty sure it's a robin. I did see a robin a few days back with a bunch of nesting materials in its beak.

It's definitely a robin sized bird, but I've not been able to see much of anything except the top of her head and flashes of orange. I can see that she's got white eyeliners on, and between the three choices of birds that size with black head and flashes of orange (robin, varied thrush and spotted towhee...anything else?), robin is the only one with the white eyeliner, I believe. Although, this seems rather late for a robin to be nesting? The nest is also not very high up, definitely within an arm's reach.

She's been sitting on her nest for at least 24 hours now. My coming and going don't seem to bother her, which is good, because I had long planned to work on a project right by that grapevine where she's put her nest. Plus it is right on the path to the mailbox.

At least this is better than where the finches put their nest two years ago—right by the front door! Everytime someone went in and out, the mama bird would fly off. Eventually, they never came back. I checked in the nest, and there was nothing there. I guess she never laid any eggs.

Earlier this spring, I noticed a finch checking out the nest they left behind, but thank goodness, they moved on.

More on mazes...

They are so much fun to make! I'm going crazy making them. If you call two more mazes crazy. I guess that's as crazy as I get. So Maze III and Maze IV are almost finished, hopefully by tomorrow night. I'm also thinking of screwing all 4 of them together. Their starting and end points already line up (I made III & IV with that in mind), so it's an option.


Jodi Renshaw said...

I hope you soon discover a big nest full of eggs!

Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

So cool! I'm hoping mama bird and babies will all do fine.

We had a nest start on our patio, but I think the dog going in and out scared them away.