Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A triptych in cement

Voila! The cement pad/path. Done over 3 days (Sunday, Friday and finished today). Friend & fellow artist Anne helped on the first part (which is now the beige-y gray parts in the front), and then I did the middle gray part last Friday and then the rest today. Hopefully, they'll eventually all dry to the same color!

21 Bags of cement @ 50lb each. Just add water and mix in the wheelbarrow. That would be 1 bag at a time. Borrowed the neighbor's mold, but I was also able to form several freehand (a bunch of the ones along the edges are free-formed to make for a more graceful edge). I was surprised at how easily one could free form them. Although it took a little longer than just dumping the cement in the mold, and they tended to look like loaves of bread with a flat top.

Now I just need some topsoil to fill in the cracks and plant some ground cover, once it's all set and cured.

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