Wednesday, May 20, 2009

2nd solo trip (sort of) to The Dalles and more

Let see...what's been happening since my parents arrived from Taiwan earlier this month—we've done the Chinese Garden, the Japanese Garden, the Rose Garden (all in one day); we've gone to Central Oregon and the gorge; we've done some shopping and gone to the movies.

Work-wise—some Portland Open Studios stuff, some Guild of Book Workers stuff, interviewed an artist for the Portland Open Studios blog (although it will be a while before I write it up), and teaching bookbinding at Rose Schnitzer Manor. The main thing today was the visit to my WWII vet senior out at The Dalles, combined with taking my parents on a trip through the gorge. I took a small motor I found in my American dad's workshop for us to play with...I wish I wasn't so tired and could jot down more about the visit, but the brain isn't quite firing on all cylinders at the moment.

I also wish I could write more about what happened of the seniors I worked with last year passed away, while I was visiting with her. I'm still kind of processing it. I feel ok, I'm just not quite sure how to describe the sense of weirdness. It was a very peaceful passing, so I'm glad. And I'm happy that I was there to witness it so I could tell her daughter.


margaret said...

That must have been a profound experience, to be present as someone passes. I remember being there for/with my grandfather, and I felt I was comforting him in his leaving, and he me.

Michael5000 said...

Holy cow -- it sounds like you're having a very intense time. I'm glad you feel OK, but yeah, the sense of weirdness must be pretty amazing. Hang in there fingers. And have fun with the 'rents!

gl. said...

holy cow!! that must have been unexpectedly intense. i'm glad you were there to witness it, too.