Wednesday, May 06, 2009

First solo trip to The Dalles

Today was my first solo trip out to The Dalles to visit with my WWII veteran senior. The weather was dreadful—drenching downpour all the way until almost to The Dalles, where it was merely overcast but not wet. But as we wrapped up my 3 hour visit, we were sitting by the window, and I could see the weather catching up to me. It moved in like a thick blanket of fog over the river, and by the time I was in the car, it was a drenching downpour and, since we're in the gorge, wind gusts.

But otherwise, I would say it was a fabulous visit. He talked pretty much for the 3 hours straight, enjoyed the "picnic" lunch I brought, especially the mixed fruit salad, although we didn't picnic outside...the weather just wasn't right for it. He did seem dubious that a relative stranger would be visiting him though (I had only met him twice before, tagging along with his wife). But as soon as I pulled out the big coffee table book of WWII US ships, I was ok!

In the mean time, other projects continue to cook—still working on variations for a collaborative book mockup that the critique group is doing, still working on the IFCC proposal, still finishing Portland Open Studios website/tour guide/stuff for the 2009 year.

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Michael5000 said...

Sounds like a great trip. Good call on the Big Book o' Warships...