Sunday, May 03, 2009

A turtle in pink snow

As promised, this was a long week of nothing but administrative work and errands—grant proposal and exhibition proposal (both with my critique/collaboration group), picking up panels, packing/shipping prints, Portland Open Studios tour guide/website/board meeting minutes/buttons, selling Ann's gocco (success!), and preparing for tomorrow's studio sale. I'm not expecting (nor planning) for a big turn out, maybe just a few people to drop in. I'll be working and if people show up, great, if not, I'll be getting work done.

I did manage to put some veggie starts in. Since the greens were such a success two years ago, I did mostly greens again this year—swiss chard, mustard, lacinato kale, but also planted some sugar peas, and hot peppers (just for the Good Prince).

We had a heck of a windstorm this afternoon. For a few minutes, it was like a hurricane. When I drove past the neighbor's house, their cherry tree, which is right next to their driveway, had dropped so many petals that their entire driveway was covered in pink petals.

Here on our front deck, we have the little new turtle (carrying a goat on its back) swimming in pink petals. The turtle is made from an up-side-down raku bowl I found at the Goodwill for a buck plus some little river rocks; the goat was a little cement piece a friend had made years ago. I think they make quite the pair:

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