Sunday, May 03, 2009

Lesson of the day

Signs work!

I had my studio sale today. I was expecting a fairly quiet day, and it was so. Although I didn't even get 10 people, I got 8. But the interesting part was that of the 8, only 2 came from my email/facebook invites. The other 6 came because they saw the signs I put out.

I put out a sign at the main road and a sign at the street corner, plus the one in our driveway. And that was what brought in 75% of the visitors! The Good Prince already is having visions of being made a sign-spinner on Capital Hwy the next time I have an event. I have to admit, the thought of him out there spinning signs, well, that' they say, priceless.

Once again, I didn't get as much done as I hoped. Instead of working while there was no one here, I read the Sunday paper instead. So sue me.


Dr. Russ said...

Thank you so much for the foal print in the mail. It was like Christmas opening it. Let me know how fundraising is going. I might buy a sepia tone one if you still have them and need more sales.

BTW, I absolutely love it--russ

fingerstothebone said...

So glad that you like it! The fundraising is a little slower than I expected--then again I expected it to sell out instantly!--but I'm getting the 2nd round of people now, words are being passed around and I'm getting emails that say "oh, I heard about it from so-and-so." Well, you're a sociologist, you know much more about this, but it's interesting.

I think the fundraising is going ok. I think I will eventually sell out the print (thus cover my 1 week out at The Dalles), maybe not instantly, and maybe not before July (when I start working with the senior), but eventually. If you do decide to get the sepia toned version, I'm sure it will be available for a while--so far only 1 person chose it over the pastel one!

Thanks again!

margaret said...

I wanted to come to the sale, but we were out of town. And I still aim to order a print! I too love the vision of the Good Prince out on the street with the sandwich board. That might elevate him to "King"? BTW, thx for your kind words re POS. Maybe next year.

fingerstothebone said...

That's it! "Go out there and spin some signs, and I shall make thee King!"

That should motivate him...

gl. said...

that's just depressing. except for the sign part: that's awesome. who knew it would be so effective?