Saturday, August 23, 2008

MiT, 6th senior day 12

Last and final print! And that concludes this part of the project; now I just have to work like a fiend in my studio to get all the books completed by November. Yikes!

My 6th senior was not quite in the creative groove that she was in the last time we met; she was a bit distracted, having just heard the news that Obama picked a running mate. We went to the lobby to find the paper so she could read about it, but she was disappointed that he didn't pick the woman (I assume she meant Hilary). I think it's pretty neat that she's still so engaged with the political process. Contrast that with my mom, who's not interested at all.

I'll be happy to not have to lug around the 50lb (or however much it weighs, a lot, whatever it is) sp-275 flash unit anymore. Getting it between the house & the car was a real drag.

So of course, with all the work staring down at me for the next couple of months, what did I do today? Took the afternoon & evening off! I celebrated the conclusion of this phase of the project by stopping by a couple of garage sales on my way home from RSM. (You gotta get your jollies however you can, I guess.) Picked up a clock for my studio (have needed one forever). Was hoping to find a sturdier little table for the guest bedroom, but no luck.

Then I made some pickled green peaches for M5K's 40th b-day party tonight. They were a hit! I still have a tree full, so I think I'll make more.

(Oh yeah, I did work on the text for senior #1's book a bit, so I didn't completely goof off.)


gl. said...

you left before we could try the pickled peaches! but i got someone to give me half of theirs. neat!

so glad the last senior is done. you can get the books done by november, no problem!

fingerstothebone said...

Glad you liked the pickled peaches...and that YOU're confident that I'll get the books done.