Thursday, August 21, 2008

MiT, 6th senior days 8, 9, 10, & 11

Yes, I've been meeting with my 6th senior this whole time, but just haven't had the extra time to sit down and document since early August.

As I've continued to work with her, I've had to come up with different ways of generating imagery to keep her interested. We've used her collages, we've created new collages (both on paper and on the copier directly). I've brought in lego pieces, variety of seed pods, persimmon tops (from fallen fruit), glass marbles. I've had her draw directly, and I brought in vellum so she can draw a 2nd layer on the vellum and sort of see what she'd get.

Today, we used an old b&w photograph of her working (I think that will be great for a cover), and also a sheet of handmade paper that I made while my sister & nieces were here. Helen Hiebert, a paper-maker friend (who's having a show at Reed opening tomorrow), did a paper-making session with me, the sis, and the nieces while they were here. I made some papers with inclusions, and I brought a few sheets of those for my senior to play with today. She made a beautiful print with the patterns. Although she started with paper that I made, it was her color choices, and also her idea for the 2nd layer, that really pulled it together and made it a beautiful print.

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