Sunday, August 31, 2008

MiT book...I'm almost there!

Finished goccoing the back side and started gluing the covers on the cover boards. I'm using Nepal heavyweight, which is a very uneven (in terms of thickness) handmade paper. There are some really thin spots where the glue is coming through. Bummer, since it being pva, it will not come off. Probably the only thing I can do to salvage it is to gocco print over everything. So that's my plan for now. I have 8 sets of the boards cut & covered, another 6 sets cut. Hopefully I can finish cutting and covering tomorrow.

Whenever I have a problem that I'm not coming with a good solution for, I often have dreams where I come up with the perfect solution. And in my dream, I'm always so excited to have solved the problem, but when I wake up, it's invariably a very dumb idea.

I've been struggling with my 4th senior's book. My original idea was to make each print like a mahjongg tile (she's a lifelong mahjongg player, come snow, sleet, blizzard, whatever, she's playing mahjongg). But her daughter was concerned that if the prints weren't bound together in some way, they'd be easy to lose, which is a very valid concern.

So this morning, in my half asleep, half awake stage, I came up with an idea for the box, and for the prints to be attached to the box in a way that still makes it look like a pile of mahjongg tiles. I admit, after I woke up, it didn't seem quite like the genius idea that I thought it was in my dream, but still quite workable, I think.

I'll have a few days to think it over while I finish Family Picnic, the current book.


gl. said...

oh, i love dreams like that!

sometimes i wake up with what i call "dream music" in my head. if i can get downstairs and record it fast enough, i can keep it; if not, i lose it forever.

fingerstothebone said...

gl -- Are you a composer? I didn't know that.

gl. said...

erm, no. that's why i have to record them; i can't write them down because i don't know how to read music. sven does, and would love to help, but i'm too embarrassed to include him!