Friday, August 29, 2008

MiT, the text blocks

But first, a picture of the bounty from a couple of days ago. The strawberries are big this year (we've had so much rain), but unfortunately, not very flavorful. I normally only water my strawberries once a week, so the berries stay pretty small but pack a large taste. This year, I've had no control over the amount of water they got.

The peaches, I've already pickled. The apples are still pretty sour, but the branches were hanging down to the ground and so needed to be picked. Not sure what I'll do with these apples yet. The tree is still pretty loaded.

I have the text blocks put together for my senior #1's book. The inkjet printing part is finished, and the blocks are all trimmed and squared up. I still need to do the gocco printing part, but I decided to square up the text block first before I print. Hoping to avoid some of the alignment problems I had with Fatherland.

Here's one spread on the front of the accordion:

And as you turn the pages, different parts of the watercolors are slowly revealed (and the text will relate to the different parts that are revealed). Starting from a B&W image on the first page, more colors and more parts are seen as you go along, until you see the watercolors:

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Michael5000 said...

Pickled peaches! Entirely... edible! Possibly good! I haven't decided. It was kind of a new experience.