Saturday, August 30, 2008

MiT, getting to the gocco parts

A shot of the text block in the big gocco. Since the text blocks are all trimmed and folded, they're fairly easy to align and to tuck under as I print:

The opening page, reads Family Picnic. As my senior #1 worked on these watercolors, she often talked about the family picnics that her husband's family had. All the brothers and sisters were there. I once asked her if the paintings were about these family picnics, she looked surprised but thought that maybe they were. So I've titled it Family Picnic.

What can I say, I love seeing them all together like this, on the drying racks. I need to cut new foam core boards for the racks. Several of the boards were ruined when I put the painted (and wet) covers from Martha on them to dry.

The words are printed in very pale gray-pink, gray-blue, and gray-green colors, to match the colors that senior #1 used so much in her paintings, so they're a little hard to read in the photo here. Like the images that go from very de-saturated to fully saturated as the books goes along, the text parts do the same. The words reference the different parts of the paintings, and they're shaped like the various parts of the paintings too.


Bridget B. said...

These are looking very interesting . . . I like the way the focus and saturation also ties into the theme of memory . . .

fingerstothebone said...

bridget -- hey, I didn't even think about that aspect of it. That's a great perspective, thanks.

I delivered Marion's books to her today, and I think she really liked them. So that was a relief.