Thursday, March 26, 2009

A new book model

OK, after much struggle and a chat w/ the organizer for this weekend's class, we decided to just do one book rather than two. We could've done two, but it would've been super stressful; I mean I was stressed out just thinking about doing those two books in two days (plus dying the paper and gocco'ing).

Doing one would be much more relaxed and would allow them time to decorate the book as well. So I reworked the version of the pocket book that they'll be making to fit the new agenda (ie, give them more space to personalize and decorate). Here's the model:

A spread with the inserts. My inserts are just blank, but they'll be gocco printing on the cards and then trading with each other in the class. There are 12 participants, so they should get a nice collection of inserts.

A spread without inserts. This would be space that they can write on, collage on, draw on, etc.

Oh yeah, and Esther got into the GBW's Marking Time traveling exhibit. Yay!


Dr. Russ said...

I think this is a much more manageable weekend. If they were just doing two models of bookbinding you would have been OK. Since you are teaching gocco and bookbinding, I think a single project is fine. When I take classes, we only make the models--we never really get to decorate the pages; we usually do that at home.

Plus you are dyeing the pages as well--very ambitious.

Great project though.

fingerstothebone said...

Yeah, I know, it was way too ambitious. My heart would race even when I was thinking about it!