Friday, March 27, 2009

The rolling pin that got away!

Every few weeks, I like to hit a thriftshop or two. Partly for entertainment and partly to look for things that I might actually use. So the last time, I saw the World's Largest Rolling Pin and thought, what in the world would you use that for?

Well, after a few attempts at mounting paper on panels, I figured out what one would use the World's Largest Rolling Pin for. So after I photographed the horses and picked up more supplies for this weekend at Art Media, I went around to my usual thriftshops hoping to spot the World's Largest Rolling Pin.

Naturally, it was gone. I did find a normal sized rolling pin, so I bought that. It will still be handy, even if it's not the one that got away, which by virtue of having gotten away, must now be the World's Best Rolling Pin.

But on the horses—this is the senior whose family I've been working with. We're hoping that he and I can do a book together this summer. The plan is to make a fundraising print to raise enough money to pay for my spending a week out at The Dalles where he lives. The family has horses, so I went out to photograph them, looking for reference materials for a print.

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gl. said...

sounds like a neat project! i hope the grief of the loss of the rolling pin doesn't incapacitate you, though.