Sunday, March 29, 2009

Book binding class wrap-up

It was a GOOD decision to do just one book. They got it done in a timely fashion, but there was certainly no extra time to do a 2nd book. Most of the people finished pretty much right around 4pm, which was our planned quitting time.

So, day 1, 5 hours: they gocco'ed 20 cards and dyed 9 sheets of tyvek each. Only 10 people showed, which was good because the room really couldn't have been comfortable with 2 more people in there dyeing or gocco'ing. I had 5 people dyeing while the other 5 gocco'ed, and then they swapped. That worked out rather well actually. Everything had time to dry overnight.

Day 2, 5 hours: I demonstrated folding the pockets and the accordion. Some people wanted to decorate and some people just wanted to go straight to sewing, so I demonstrated the sewing fairly early on too, which meant that I really had to do that a few more times as people caught up to that stage. Same with doing the wrap around cover.

People seemed to have really enjoyed the class and asked that I come back—yes!—so I guess all that preparation paid off. It's also a group of women who work really well together. Some of them have taken lots of classes together, so it was a good group.

Now that it stays light until later, I managed to get some much needed pruning and yard cleanup done after I got back. Now it looks somewhat less trashy...


Dr. Russ said...

Congrats on your class. I would so take a class from you. Another great job done by Shu-Ju.

fingerstothebone said...

Aw, shucks!

gl. said...

yay! i'm glad you just did one book, too.