Saturday, April 18, 2009

Home-owner duty calls

Our house & yard are getting dangerously close to looking like the town dump (notice how I carefully said 'our house...') so I really had to do something about it today. Remember all the storms we had over the winter? The snow, the winds? That left a giant pile of Douglas Fir branches on our deck, and now that it's the middle of April, I finally just got around to sweeping that all up. (The driveway got done a few days ago.)

We also lost quite a few plants, and several died way back although didn't die-die. So I pruned back a lot of the dead stuff—And whose idea was it to plant so many thorny things anyhow?—although there's still a lot more to go.

We did even more home-owner type stuff today, if you can believe it—we replaced a window screen! Like we bought tools and a roll of screen, and took out the old window screen onto which the kitty has made her mark over the years, and installed the new screen. Following directions and everything!

Lets see, what's happening in the studio—trimmed paper for the fundraising print, had a really long meeting about the 2009 Portland Open Studios tour guide, met with the critique group for our new collaborative book project. I was planning to start working on the fundraising print today, but now I'm quickly running out of steam.

And also about the latest painting—when I looked at it again the next morning, it felt really finished, so I decided to just stare at it for a few more days before I did anything else. And now it really does feel finished, and I'm also going to stay with the title 'Two.' It was part of the original intent, and also the piece from Artist X that I was responding to was titled 'WTO...,' and although the anagram was a complete coincidence, I like it too much to pass it up.

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