Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another type of painting

There have been a few occasions when someone's said "I'm a painter" and I think one kind of a painter when they mean another. So I've been busy doing the other kind of painting lately. As always, it takes longer to clean the walls/ceiling, paint, and also more muscles, than you might think. I have a pretty good kink in the neck from doing the ceiling yesterday. But here we are, it's close to finished. They'll need to remove the molding and re-caulk to do the floor on Saturday, so I left the bottom foot of the wall, along with the molding, to do after the flooring goes in.

When the interior of the house was painted (18 years ago!), the color was Polar White. It doesn't look so white here any more, compared with the new Natural Ivory that's going in.

Here's the bottom foot unpainted:

Here's the new closet and the newly painted new wall:

Now I'm off to finish Katy McFadden's website...

Oops, before I do that, I keep forgetting to mention that I got a bonus wall:

This wall was never very usable before because it was the narrow hallway that the walk-in closet created. I could hang tools from it, but that was it. Now I have this big wall that I can use for art!


Anonymous said...

on my computer, the natural ivory looks more like polar white and polar white looks more like natural ivory.


fingerstothebone said...

Yes, on my computer too. But I think after 18 years, the Polar White got a little yellow in the tooth...