Thursday, July 16, 2009


Remember this piece that many people thought was a quilt?

Over the last couple of days, it's gone from that to this:

To this:

And now finally to this big mess:

Even the cat thinks I should quit now before it gets any worse.


Anonymous said...

Looks like a fish jumping out of a bowl of frying noodles!


fingerstothebone said...

I guess that's why I didn't like it then.

Dr. Russ said...

I really love the carp, though. Defintely reminds me of the tattoo style of the Pacific Rim. I would even consider getting that tattooed on my body. Nice job.

Michael5000 said...

It's looking increasingly difficult to replicate in quilt form.

Otherwise, I think I like it more than you do.

But then, I'm a fan.

fingerstothebone said...

Dr. Russ -- send a picture, if you do get the tatoo!

Dr. M5K -- it would be a challenge, though, wouldn't it?