Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Closet be gone!



I've always hated this walk-in closet. It made no sense. It was a walk-in closet in a room that was barely half again as big. And it was situated such that it created this hallway after you walk in to the room. It blocked the light. And worst of all, moving anything in and out of the room was a great pain as I had to negotiate this 'L' with two long skinny hallways.

Soon, it will begin a new life as a normal closet, appropriately sized for the room! I had already brought in two of those bi-fold closet doors without having to twist and cuss to make the turn. Yay!

Popups at RSM

It was a big hit!

Four ladies came (although my favorite resident was away and didn't come), and we made cards with popups in them. Two ladies had the worst case of the giggles, and that kept the rest of us pretty well entertained. One lady made a card for her boyfriend—I'm sure this was unrelated, but her popup card had a frog, and lots of kisses—and another made one for her grandson.


Michael5000 said...

The closet demo looks very satisfying. Congrats.

Also, I bet you're a pretty good cusser. True?

fingerstothebone said...

About cussing--I'm mostly a shoot & drat person, with the very occasional f*ck under my breath. And I never use the scatological ones.

And the closet is one day closer to being finished!

Michael5000 said...

Well, can't be good at everything I suppose.