Tuesday, September 02, 2008

MiT book...I sure use a lot of glue

That was what I did today. Gluing. Gluing the cover sheets to the cover boards. Gluing the filler sheets on the inside covers. And now I'm out of glue. Will continue gluing tomorrow, after I get more glue.

On the positive side, I examined the covers, and only 2 were bad as far as pva seepage goes. And I have enough good ones for the text blocks. That's good news in that I wanted to keep the covers pretty clean and uncluttered, as the inside is pretty minimalist. So I can just print my senior #1's name on the cover, as I originally planned.

The Random Movie: Tell No One, a French thriller. A complicated plot but very well put together. There weren't any of those head-scratching moments of what-just-happened? Also saw Man on Wire a few weeks back, about the people that strung a cable between the twin towers back in the 70's and the guy that walked across. It was terrific!

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