Friday, October 24, 2008

House keeping

What can I say, I lost the Vice Dork position to land as 2nd runner up of 2008. That's be-low the vice dork position. However, I still got a dorky little badge for my troubles anyhow.

But what's going on in the studio?

Not much, how about you?

The week's mostly been catching up on a lot of paper work for a variety of things. Portland Open Studios board stuff and website stuff, preparing my entries for the Maternal Legends show at 23 Sandy, putting together the information and images for RACC's featured artist page, doing admin stuff for the Intersect/Parallel show at G&V.

I got very lucky, and I'm not sure what algorithms they use for making their choices—maybe it's the license plate algorithm, or maybe it's random number generator, or maybe they just flip a coin—but I got chosen to be the featured artist for the Dec/2008 newsletter. I find myself in quite exulted company, and I haven't figured out how it happened! But I'm not complaining. Anyhow, finally put all that together, got ok from RSM to use their name, got Jim to edit the stuff (my very own private professional editor), and off it all went this afternoon.

Tomorrow, pick up more gocco supplies (but no more turquoise!) and prepare for my Saturday class. And hopefully, I'm back in the studio on Sunday. I better be, actually.


Michael5000 said...

Featuredtothebone! Woo-hoo!

(They probably use the "is it awesome?" algorhythm, by the way...)

Bridget B. said...

You were robbed. You are THE dorkiest in my book.

(Which is actually a good thing - I was very impressed by your dork post)

fingerstothebone said...

bridget -- thank you for your support for my candidacy. I'll be back! Bigger & dorkier, I promise.