Wednesday, October 08, 2008

More on gocco touch-ups

Dr. Russ asked for more details on the gocco touch-ups, so here's a bit more info:

I use the same ink as I'm printing with, no thinning. If I'm using the ink straight out of the tube, then that's what I use to touch up. If I'm using ink I've saved (as was the case in the previous post), then I use that. If I am using ink that I've thinned (sometimes saved ink seems a little stiff, so I thin it with a drop of baby oil), then I use that same thinned ink.

Also, the brush has really very little ink on it. After I pick up some ink on the brush, I wipe as much of it off on the palette as I can. When I touch up, I'm very slowly building up the color. I might brush over the spot 6, 7 times, or more, before I get a coverage that matches the surrounding area. Occasionally I make mistakes, such as the one I made where there was more ink on the brush and the mistake showed as a stray line in the concentric circles. By having to build up very slowly, you reduce the chance that a single mistake will be very noticeable at all.

Also, I used a very tiny brush in this case (12/0), since I was dealing with really fine details. But I have several brushes of different sizes dedicated to touching up. Some are 3s and 2s. Just depends on what I'm doing.

Maybe I should make a video!

Now for something completely weird and unrelated.

I can get stressed out pretty easily, especially when I have so many different deadlines coming up in the next few weeks. Portland Open Studios is this coming weekend (and the weekend after), and I've NOT started to prepare. I'm mentally prepared—I know what I'm going to do, I just haven't done it yet.

Now normally, I would just have some obvious stress dream, like I'm trying to get something very simple done, but all kinds of things keep getting in the way and I can't accomplish anything. But last night, I didn't exactly dream, mostly because I didn't exactly fall asleep. I was in this semi awake state and I was very worried that I would find a yellow tabby stray cat covered in fleas.

I was fully aware that I did NOT actually have a stray cat, I was just worried that I might find one. And I kept on thinking what I would do to remove the fleas—what kind of shampoo, how should I go about shampooing it, etc. And then I would remember that I do, in fact, know exactly how to apply flea shampoo so I should stop worrying about it. But it was of no use.

I got up a few times, both to go to the bathroom and to try to clear my head a bit, but as soon as I got back into bed, the same thoughts came back—what if I found a yellow tabby covered in fleas?


Dr. Russ said...

Thank you so much. I certainly would have mucked this all up. You have saved future non-perfect prints that would have ended up in Gocco heaven.

Once again, thanks for sharing.

gl. said...

i mention this in the basic gocco classes when we show our prints. i think they think it's cheating, but i tell them you do it, too! :)

sorry your stress level is so high that you are imagining what you would do if you found a yellow tabby cat covered in fleas. yeek! i used to have stress reactions like that in my old job and i didn't even want to go to sleep at all.

fingerstothebone said...

Oh great, now they know I cheat!

Michael5000 said...

Wow ~ what WOULD you do if you found a yellow tabby all covered in fleas?

fingerstothebone said...

That's easy, I'll just take him/her/it to the vet. They can deal with the fleas.