Wednesday, October 01, 2008

MiT book, palm leaf book

I'm having the first 3 books (Martha, Marion, and Esther) photographed tomorrow by a pro, so these are kind of gratuitous, except to show that I was doing something today. In the little containers to the right you can see the mah jongg tile beads, and the ribbon that I'm going to use.

The baby blue ribbon seems out of nowhere, except that that's Esther's favorite color. Each time we started a new print, she wanted to use blue ink. We convinced her to try other colors (rather, her daughter convinced her to try other colors). My plan originally was to print the text part in the baby blue, but in the end decided to leave out the text. I did print the title and the colophon pages in blue though (they are the 2 pages at the top of the photograph that look like they're blank, but they're not).

Here I haven't strung the pages together:

And I just now noticed that 2 of the hands next to each other are almost mirror images of each other (they're not, just close). I was trying to not do that. Sigh...

And here the pages are strung together wrapped up; the mah jongg tile beads worked out well, I thought. Turned out, the ribbon was too thick to go through the holes in the beads, so I had to make wire connectors. Good thing I already had the tool and the wires on hand. It's always somethin'!

And about that container...

Unfortunately, I think I've decided that container isn't going to work. I spent 2 days designing it, making mockups, and trimming the paper, and THEN decided I didn't like it. I'm not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.

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