Thursday, October 16, 2008

No further injuries or mayhem in the studio

Things went relatively smoothly today. Finished trimming the paper for my 4th and final Relay Replay book. Laundered the cloth I've been staining for the collaboration, and it came out well! The coffee stains held; the grape stains are now less purple and mostly just blue, but held as well. I've flashed the images we'll be gocco'ing on the cloth tomorrow; I've packed the inks and the screens. Now I just have to remember to pack the fabric as well, then I'm set for tomorrow.

Just for the record, in case I want to do this again, here's how I used the coffee grounds to stain the fabric:

almost 4 yards of 100% cotton white fabric
about 10 cups of old coffee grounds
fabric, coffee grounds all in the kitchen sink, warm water, mix well for maybe 20 minutes
let it sit for about 4 hours
hang up to dry (I left it for 1 week)
launder regularly

The grape stains:

concord grape skin rubbed on fabric
let dry (left for 2 days)
launder regularly


Dr. Russ said...

Where in the directions is the part about eating coffee grounds covered grapes?

I can't wait to hear and see the final result.

Best wishes--russ

gl. said...

man, but i totally read this blog for the injuries & mayhem!

fingerstothebone said...

dr. russ — I can't give it ALL away for free here now, can I? For that bit of top secret, you'll have to sign up for my Advanced Grape Eating & Spitting class next spring. Details to come.

gl — somedays are just kind of disappointing, aren't they? I'll see what I can do this weekend...stay tuned.