Friday, October 31, 2008

Lots of progress on all fronts

Met with my critique this morning to continue working on our tablecloth and talking about the collaboration/installation in March. We got through with the gocco printing part pretty quickly, and spent a couple of hours talking about the installation. We came up with lots of concrete ideas that we'll be able to use. I think this was the first meeting where we've gotten so specific and everyone was happy with the ideas. Forgot to take a picture of the tablecloth though.

Then it was preparing for the gocco class tomorrow. Even though I can probably teach this class in my sleep, it still takes a couple of hours to get all the materials organized.

And! I came up with an order of the prints (and therefore, titles), that I was happy with. Each of the following is a title Sheila and I came up with (but mostly Sheila) for the prints. I did add 'The' to 'Willow Tree' so that the rhythm would repeat.

Black Snow
The Willow Tree

Under the Sea

Sheila in Her Imprimery Graphics Studio
Mountain View

There are 12 prints all together. The first 2 sections (end with The Willow Tree and Under the Sea) will be printed with the drizzled font. Then 'Sheila' will also be printed in the drizzled font, but then after that, starting with 'in Her Imprimery Graphics Studio,' everything switches to another font, which I haven't decided yet. I'm looking at Copperplate just because of the name, but I'll sleep on it. I want the change in fonts to control the rhythm with which people can read the text—slower going when they're reading the first 8 prints, giving them a chance to interpret the phrases in a variety of ways; and then for the rest, move in a normal speaking/reading speed, along with normal interpretation of the words. So if that's the case, probably Copperplate isn't the best choice for the last parts...

Here's the first section laid out in the drizzled font. This will all fit on one of the large gocco screens:

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gl. said...

oh, my, yes. i like the titles. *swoon*