Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Making art as a comedy act

There I was, having lunch while flipping through this weekend's NYT magazine (all about food), when I came upon this picture:

Which instantly reminded me that I have yet to stain the cotton cloth with my grapes, which I'll need to have stained and then laundered before this Friday. So off I went to clip some grapes off the vine. I threw the cloth in the tub (which was still covered in the coffee grounds that I used to stain it last week) and proceeded to rub the concord grapes all over it. Then I noticed that only the skins of the grapes stained the cloth, the inside did nothing.

So, not wanting to waste the fruit itself, I decided to eat the grapes before spitting out the skins on the cloth and rubbing them all over. As I picked up my little container of grapes, somehow my grip slipped, and grapes tumbled out and into the bottom of the tub, still covered in coffee grounds. Hmm.

Well, no matter, I decided to proceed. Eating the grapes, I mean. So there I was, sitting in the bathroom eating coffee grounds covered grapes, spitting grape skins, then rubbing them all over.

I ate so many grapes that I got a buzz from the sugar. Oh, the sacrifices I make for art!

And here it is, hanging up to dry.

Still trimming paper

On my last Relay Replay book, Sheila—I'm still trimming paper. In fact, I gave myself a kink in the neck and numb arm from being bent over for half the afternoon. I decided to quit trimming for the day.

On Intersect/Parallel

The show in Hillsboro in Dec/Jan—met up with one of the artists to select the prints he'll be putting in the show. I think it will be an interesting (diverse) group show.


Dr. Russ said...

Go and treat yourself to a good massage.

Oh, the sacrifices we do for our art.

Anonymous said...

And you need a split level work bench!

fingerstothebone said...

dr. russ -- what a great idea! I'll get the Good Prince on the job asap!

anon -- I had to look up what a split level work bench is, and I'm not sure how it will help? More info, please.