Thursday, August 20, 2009

The first layer of the broadside

After a few days of proofing the plate, I finally printed it at Diane's last night. I had never done rainbow rolls before, so I thought it best to have some supervision. I made some potstickers and we had a potluck at her place with her family. The potstickers were a huge hit with the kids. After dinner, we went to work.

So here's the final version of the paper plate for this first layer. This is a single sheet of cardstock (probably 80lb cardstock) that I have either cut out some shapes or removed layers of the paper from it (without making big holes).

And here's the printed result. Pressure printing is just so incredibly sensitive. The image is completely created by the various thicknesses throughout the single sheet of cardstock.

I have yet to make the plate for the 2nd layer, but I hope to do that tomorrow.

The roofers finished putting on the new roof this afternoon. The garage (where the letterpress is) had to be cleaned up (again) before I can use it again. There was debris everywhere. So now it's beautiful and pristine (on my side at least, we're not looking at the Good Prince's side).


margaret said...

I love the idea of his and hers sides of the garage. Sounds like the key to marital harmony.

Amanda said...

This is looking so beautiful. It does seem very laborious though. Can't wait to see the rest of the project.

fingerstothebone said...

Hi Amanda,

Hope you're doing well. Laborious is the operative word! I can't believe how much work this was. It took about 50 hours all together. (And I still need to sign & number.) But at least I'm going to meet my Sept 4 deadline.