Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Why does the chicken sit on the molding?

Why? To hide the shoddy workmanship from the painting department, of course. And the cat is just keeping the chicken company.

Well, after 3 coats of the "Peony Red," I'm done, even if it does still look rather more orange than their little chip shows. And talk about the sloppy painting department—the floor sure does need some cleaning! Man, this type of painting is a lot harder than the other kind. I had previously thought that the death star would be fully operational by today, but it was not meant to be. I have most of the floor to clean still (paint splatters), and tomorrow is a full day of volunteer activities, plus a social engagement, so now it's looking like Thursday would be the first possible day that I'll get back to doing any actual work as opposed to just making sketches and doing research while I watch the paint dry.

Progress on the Relay Replay book

Speaking of research, I have some information about the book that I'm working on with the senior out at The Dalles. Can't remember if I've already talked about this, but I wanted to enclose some water from the Pacific ocean, water from the Columbia River, soil from the farm he grew up in, and soil from his farm here in Portland in the book itself. So I checked into enclosing the said materials in either glass or acrylic. Well, the glass guy didn't get back to me yet, but the acrylic people have gotten back to me with useful information. Plus, I've talked to a rare books librarian to see if they'd have problems with having water and dirt enclosed in a book, and sure enough, I was glad I asked. Yes, they would have problems, but just with the water part.

Double enclosure would be what's necessary. So now we have a plan, some shopping to do, and getting a sample made and getting a price check.

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Michael5000 said...

The idea of you having a fully operational death star fills me with great fear.