Friday, August 07, 2009

Last + (Last - 1) == New Last

Michael5000 was asking me the other day if the Last Bedroom was still the Last Bedroom, and the answer was "yes, of course." In fact, the Last Bedroom has combined with the (Last - 1) Bedroom to become the bigger & better new Last Bedroom.

The new, smaller but better closet contains pretty much everything that was in the walk-in closet that was twice the size. In fact, see those 3 large boxes smack in the middle of the picture? Those did not fit into the walk-in closet before and were just sitting on the floor in the (Last - 1) Bedroom. Now they fit:

Years of photos (both family photos and from my photography days) occupy the top shelf, including my collection of cameras. I think I will sell some of the old photos during Portland Open Studios this fall.

I did have to leave out the box of wrapping paper and other rolled up things, as they're too tall for the way the new closet is organized:

In this shot, you see the biggest change in Phase II of the studio remodeling project—the room opened up quite a bit from closet-downsizing, and my work table is now oriented the other way. Also the (Last - 1) Bedroom has not yet been painted:

Turn to the right, and here's the bonus wall:

Turn to the right again:

And again:


Again and we're back to where we started. The symmetry on the two sides of the new closet is a coincidence. I only just noticed it now as I'm looking at the photo:

I was thinking of attaching a bone to this hand...or maybe attaching a bat to each of the fingers:

But on the other hand (I've been waiting to say that all night...) is the chain of hearts:

And now I must go get some sleep. I've been working 10+ hours for many days, and sleeping only 6 or so, trying to get this finished so I can get back to some real work soon. So that's what's on tomorrow's agenda.


Anonymous said...

so now your table is right in front of the closet of the last-1 bedroom? Do you have two doors for this new last bedroom now?


fingerstothebone said...

You mean the big, waist high table? No, that one is still in front of the old walk-in closet (now a regular sized closet) of the original Last Bedroom. It's just oriented in a different direction now.

And yes, I have two doors into the studio, which makes a nice little loop.

Velma said...

wow, this looks marvelous. by the way my daughter loved the mare and foal print...

fingerstothebone said...

Velma -- glad to hear that!

gl. said...

that's awesome. are you saving the studio warming for the open studios tour? ;)

fingerstothebone said...

A Studio Warming Party! I hadn't thought of that. Maybe I'll have one...or should I save it for until Portland Open Studios?

gl. said...

given your schedule maybe you should combine it. alternatively, you could have a studiowarming the friday night before open studios (if you're ready by then), or the post-open-studio celebration sunday night.