Friday, August 14, 2009

Pressure print, lesson 1

Oy! That went badly. My mylar painted with medium was way too thick, and I was surprised at how much it embossed the paper. And it made an impression on Diane's tympan too, which of course is always bad. Given that the medium feels soft to the touch, I didn't expect that.

Every little brush stroke was visible, which actually was ok for certain parts of the print, but really wasn't what I was after. Also, the mylar was pretty hard to work with, so Diane gave me a parent sheet of the cardstock so I can redo the image.

We scheduled another session for next Tuesday to try my next iteration, but I'm now thinking that I can't really wait until then, I'm running out of time. So I've cleaned up Andrew's press, turned it on and played around with it a bit. I'll need to get the MDF & plexi to get it set up to do the pressure printing, so it might be Sunday before I can try it, but that's still two more days ahead of my current schedule.

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