Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Shut up, sit down, paint!

Turquoise and Lime Green Fight to the Death, gouache on paper on board. Although I might call it Woman and Cat. Or maybe After Our Conversation.

The stars have been aligning for me to come to this point.

As a 49th birthday present to myself, I bought 30 panels (7"x7"...) to do whatever I want with. No agendas, no themes, no influences, no worries. Just me and paint. And I can do whatever I darn wish. And make a mess, if I just can't help myself.

And when Artist X and I met to exchange our last pieces, we had a conversation about whether it was necessary for paintings (and art in general) to have any meaning at all.

Then of course, on Saturday, I spent all day trying to gain some control over the letterpress and not getting very good results at that.

Came Saturday night, I was ready to throw all cautions to the wind and just do whatever I wanted. No agendas, no themes, no influences, no worries. No meanings.

This is done on a 12"x12" panel. (I'm not finished prepping the 7"x7" panels yet. Most of them have been gesso'ed, but none have paper mounted.) I'm not quite sure if I'm finished or not. Time will tell.

(Credits: the wonderful panels come from Art Substrates; the 7x7=49 is inspired by gl's 6x6=36 birthday pastry last year...)


Susan Gallacher-Turner and Michael Turner said...

Love this painting and I'd say...keep doing whatever you want. I know, it's hard not to get caught up in the meaning or what will sell area.

I want to do it too...let's both throw caution to the wind..Yeah!
Susan's Art & Words

gl. said...

awesome. i love this idea. who won: turquoise or lime green? :)

fingerstothebone said...

I think lime green. Turquoise had to get some reinforcement from zinc white, although no one has died yet.

gl. said...

also: 7x7! brilliant! had no idea 6-squared would have an impact like that. :)