Saturday, December 30, 2006

Artist statement, part II

So this was what I ended up with for the Rake exhibit. I hate statements that are academic gibberish, so I hope this is perfectly clear.

Multiple voices and narratives have been a cornerstone in my work, a reflection of both the world at large and my personal history. Visually, this has translated to my use & manipulation, and re-imagination of traditional Asian symbols and ideas in a contemporary context. In this process, making art is about search and contemplation.

I have recently started to construct symbols of my own, by observing natural forms and making unscientific leaps of faith about their nature. In doing so, I am creating my own 'folk wisdom'. In this process, search and contemplation continue to play important roles, but so does personal expression.

The moths series represents my first constructed symbol.

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Sundry said...

This is great. I especially like "making unscientfic leaps of faith about their nature."

And I very much like knowing that the moth is your own constructed symbol.

I have a set of Medicine Cards, that are sort of like Tarot cards, only more benign and connected to nature. I use them when I am feeling creatively stuck. The authors provide extra cards so one can create her own animal card.

I'd like to do a roadrunner card, and I've been thinking about the characteristics that I think the roadrunner exhibits. It's elusive and cautious and a very good observer.