Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Drawing parallels

Started to mock up the cover for the shadow book. Experimented with sanding the plexi and using a cosmetic sponge to apply the gel medium, and it helped a lot in terms of making the adhesive less visible. This means the plexi covers will cost me a lot less -- I won't need holes drilled, and since I'll sand, I won't need the polishing and all that; I won't even want the scratch resistant. The paper I used was a scrap piece of BFK, and you can see the toothiness somewhat. Got out a sheet of superfine coverstock but it isn't heavy enough. I'll need to go paper shopping tomorrow.

Gocco'ed some text on the smooth side, and it casts a nice shadow on the paper below. (This is why saving all those old gocco screens is worthwhile.) To get a better idea of what a full sheet (5.5"x5.5") of plexi would look like over paper, I used a sheet of mylar and hand wrote some stuff on there. Imagination is necessary to pretend the mylar is a sheet of plexi and is glued to a piece of paper the same size. The colored squares are supposed to be pans of eye shadows, which is how I might print the cover page, but I'm undecided at this point.

Started to organize the words I've received so far, and also picking out words and phrases from The Affair blog. It's very serendipitous -- the words people have sent are dovetailing with the blog...I couldn't have come up with more perfect parallels.

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