Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Holiday distractions

This is a record, I think, 4 days straight without working in the studio. Bad. I must get some work done tomorrow, before I head to the library.

But what was good -- the 2nd roofer I called yesterday showed up today and replaced the damaged skylights already and swept off the roof. So take that Oswego Roofing.

Had to revise plans for Mike's b-day party due to everyone's travel plans for the holidays; changed the restaurant reservation, sent out another invite, etc. Then I ended up 'holiday shopping' today. Got a gift certificate from Mike's Mom, so I did some shopping on Lands End. Then I remembered I wanted to buy a food processor, which then reminded me that I wanted to get something more suitable for the sipping chocolate that Sundry introduced us to (like espresso cups) instead of the tea cups that we've been using, their shape allows the sipping chocolate to cool off too quickly. Not finding anything online, I ended up at Uwajimaya's, getting even more teacups but shaped so that the contents would not cool off so fast. We'll try them out tonight and see how they work. Of course, we may not have enough sipping chocolate tonight. I did stop in at Trader Joe's to get some, but they were all out.

In the mean time, I meant to go in the plastic shop to order the plexi this afternoon, but was completely sidetracked by all the shopping.

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