Friday, December 01, 2006

Out and about

I've been slowly catching up on errands and chores this week, finally being able to drive and am mostly over my cold. And luck was with me today on my errands. Things went smoothly and there wasn't much traffic to speak of. But my foot was pretty sore by the time I finished my errands and got home.

Reorganized my studio this afternoon. It seems like I'm always rearranging my studio, but I have so little space that I'm having trouble figuring out how to do what I need to do. I had my easel against the long wall, which meant I could only get as far away from a piece the length of the short wall minus the table width and minus the easel thickness, which was only maybe 2-3 feet. Which isn't enough for the larger pieces. I swapped the chair with the easel, so now I can step back at least the long length of the room, something like 8-9 feet. Took the opportunity and cleaned up some, especially the entry way which has become so cluttered with mats and frames and it was a fire hazard. It's still not that great, and I'll probably have to move some of the mats into the guest room, but tomorrow.

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