Tuesday, December 05, 2006

On a roll

I hardly got a wink of sleep last night, thinking about the shadow book, tossing and turning. I did come up with a lot of usable ideas. So helped by a little caffeine today, I did some research on using plexi for book covers; found a plastic shop and got some quotes. They also gave me a scrap piece so I can experiment a little. Checked with Jim to see if they had examples of bindings using plexi and imagery painted/printed with cosmetics, but turned up nothing. Did find some examples of plexi binding on the web, but it was hard to see what was going on.

Picked up a couple of packages of eye shadow today. I wonder what you call those -- a tray of eye shadows, a compact of eye shadows, a box of eye shadows? What is a unit of eye shadows?

I'd been waiting for a chance to use this anonymous diary that I came across that documents an affair (yes, someone was blogging about their affair), the link to which was sent to me. I hadn't had quite the right vehicle for it, but now I think the 2 stories can be interwoven together -- the eye shadow's trajectory from object of desire and glamour to something that gets stuffed in a drawer, and the affair's trajectory from passion and seduction to 'boring', as the blogger wrote in one entry. I'm not going to lift the diary straight, I'm looking for a few words here and there as starting points. And 'shadow' fits this 2nd story as well. But a lot still depends on what words the contributors will send along. I might get distracted yet.

Ordered the frame for the small painting that Jill is buying. Will pick up tomorrow.

The movie of the week was Babel.

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