Sunday, November 02, 2008

Fried brains, anyone?

I AM getting old. I was totally cooked after the 4 hour gocco class today. And it wasn't even full; I had just 4 people. It's true that I did not sleep very well last night, and the students arrived early so I didn't get a chance to have my coffee, but boy, I was definitely not up to my usual teaching standards and I was exhausted afterwards.

Just couldn't bring myself to gocco more after that, so didn't work on my senior's book. Instead, I decided to organize the studio! Didn't I just do that, you say? Well, yes, that was the other part. I actually occupy two small bedrooms, one of them was the guest-bedroom until I set up the upstairs spare room as the guest-bedroom earlier this year. So the downstairs ex-guest-bedroom then became the full time gocco room, but it still has the old bed in the middle of it. I'm storing all kinds of things on the bed. I'd like to get rid of the bed so that I can actually use the room to teach a painting class that I'm trying to set up, but first, I have to find somewhere else to store all the stuff that's on the bed.

So at 8pm tonight, I decided to build some shelves for the closet. Of course I got half way through and decided that I need more shelves, and now the store is closed. I guess I'll have to finish tomorrow.

But hah! After that, all the stuff on the bed and on the floor will be stowed away in the closet. Then I'll get rid of the bed. And after much thinking about the pros and cons, I think I am going to open up the wall between the 2 rooms.

While it's nice to have the one room to gocco so I can keep the smells out of the other room, both rooms just feel really cramped. And also, both rooms would get more natural light if I open up the wall. And if I'm going to teach painting in that room, I'll have to deal with the gocco smell somehow, like installing a vent and a fan.

So, shelves in the closet leads to getting rid of the bed, which leads to opening up the wall, which I'm sure will lead to ripping up the carpet, and god knows what else!


Sundry said...

Wow! That's actually pretty exciting by the end...or should I say the beginning?

I can so relate. I, too, found myself storing a lot of stuff on the bed in my writing studio. It was partly a way to separate writing projects, and partly a catch-all for stuff we didn't want visitors to see if they were just stopping by.

Anyway..we put a new shelf in the closet in there. It's 1'x10'and it filled up instantly. Other stuff gets to spread mailing supplies and the stuff to make greeting cards out of my photographs. I donated a bunch of stuff. Still, the space is pretty much full.

Hope your rennovations go smoothly! Sounds like a great change.

Dr. Russ said...

You better be REAL NICE to the Prince--LOL.

Best wishes on your rennovation.

gl. said...

wow! you think you'll just knock down the wall or take the opportunity to really renovate and make the studio of your dreams?

Michael5000 said...

If you were old and totally cooked, you wouldn't be doing spontaneous late-nite carpentry projects, ya big silly.

fingerstothebone said...

M5K -- as you can see from today's photos, this was not a very sophisticated project, and I'm not even sure that carpentry was really involved, I bought pre-made shelves and screwed them together!

Bridget B. said...

Reading this, I had a bad memory of the last basic beading class I taught - it's like I was on tranquilizers or something. I really hate it when I don't do my best at a teaching gig. But what is it about organizing that's so . . . grounding/reinvigorating/etc.? Good luck knocking that wall down!!