Thursday, December 18, 2008

The end of project cleaning frenzy

But first, a few pictures from the garden. There are always some persimmons that I can't get at the top of the tree. The ladder doesn't do any good because the ground is so soggy by harvest time that they just sink into the ground. So today, I was happy to see that the birds were feasting on them.

The whole gang:

Here you can see several of them going to it:

And a close-up:

The frenzy, and other things

After finishing a project, I always have to clean. Part of it is just because the studio would be so dirty and disorganized by then that I really just can't function any more without cleaning it first. It's the usual storing away paper that didn't get used, deciding what to keep and what to toss/recycle, vacuum, etc, etc. But the cleaning was really happening in between other actual projects—when things needed time to dry, I cleaned.

The paper mounting experiment

Since the dry bfk mounted to the board did not want to stick at the corners, I dampened the paper and removed it. I glued a new sheet of dampened bfk to the board using matte medium. This seems to have worked out ok, but somehow, the surface of the paper was marred. Now I have 2 boards with firmly attached sheets of bfk, one using matte medium the other pva. I have a 3rd sheet that is unmounted. Next, I'll paint identical color swatches on them and experiment with airbrushing GAC 500, etc, etc. To be continued.

And other assorted goofing off projects

I have this old eyeglasses hard case that had fallen apart, so I've just been playing with it. I've lined the inside with some leftover Nepal Heavy weight, and today painted the outside. The hinge is still working fine. I thought it might make a fun book project of one sort or another. To be continued.

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